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Okay so MMFD fandom, help me out here. I have seen every episode but the finale of season 2 and I’m struggling to see the flaw with Liam. I mean I know he wanted to have sex with clothes on and blah blah but he’s just as insecure as Rae. He’s not saying that for her sake, he’s saying it because he…

Im also watching it in the U.S and no still no word about Season 3!!!! I did find the Finale on DailyMotion. Oh and also I don’t think Liam is a bad guy but you’ll see why he’s not meant for Rae. 


#TheMindyProject, S02E15:   Episode 15, Sneak Peek #3.   -SistaMaryFab

On the floor. Agustin’s wrestling match with Sully!! #decemberchallenge #day17